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The day of judgement has arrived. Puck Collective are holding the scales and swinging the sword of justice. In these times of conflicting opinions, internet trolls and popularity based TV shows, Puck are having the final say with members creating a piece of art to be cast into the flames of eternal damnation or raised up to the heavenly halls of salvation.


Transforming the legendary venue Jaguar Shoes into one half Heaven and one half Hell, Puck will be displaying their creations for you to see the results of this great Reckoning and invite you to judge for yourselves.


Launches 12/03/20


Puck Collective is an evolving group of creatives, illustrators, print makers and mess makers. Putting on shows, hosting events and having fun!


Puck Collective strives to dazzle and excite with our print shows, drawing clubs and publications. We are mixed and varied group of professional artists, illustrators and creators who share a love of making things. We formed in 2010 and have an evolving line up with periodic call outs for new talented members. Our print shows offer a chance for us to work together on a theme and produce work that you can hang on your wall. Our drawing clubs provide an opportunity for us to get together with an open invite to the masses, with events such as speed drawing, print workshops and day trips out to sketch worthy locations. We also produce a publication with every line up that gathers us together working on a shared theme, this group project is called Puck Collected.

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